So how do I use this clever device? Simple!

The Boot Brush has been designed and built to allow the user to easily clean their dirty or muddy football boots or sports footwear. With the repeated actions of scrubbing away dirt or mud and squeezing the body for water flow, cleaning your boots has never been this quick and easy. 

Follow the simple steps below for best results:

  1. Use the Boot Brush directly after training/activity while the dirt and mud is still soft.
  2. Start by scrubbing away all the large chunks of dirt and mud.
  3. Introduce water - squeeze the sides of the Boot Brush for water flow. 
  4. Scrub again at the dirt and mud without squeezing the Boot Brush.
  5. Squeeze the Boot Brush again for water flow to keep washing away the dirt and mud as you go.
  6. Keep repeating the actions back and forth until your boots are clean all over. 

Voila! You're done! No more than a couple of minutes work. Give your boots a wipe using the cloth and then pack your cloth and Boot Brush in the carry bag ready for next time.

The Boot Brush is a quick and easy device used to clean your football boots and sports footwear.

Key tips:
  • Where possible, use the Boot Brush directly after your activity to make cleaning your boots quick and easy.
  • Don't shy away from getting stuck into it - it makes for a quicker clean!
  • Always have the bristle head pointed down when cleaning your boots. If you hold the Boot Brush upright, you won't be able to get any water out when you squeeze for water flow. 
  • Find your rhythm between scrubbing and squeezing. 

Watch the video below to see the Boot Brush in action